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WORDS 1 温泉むすめ – Onsen Musume


The Onsen Musume scattered all over Japan are low-level land God, born when hot-spring sources well up. As they have no special powers, they are nearly the same as humans. When they grow up, many Onsen Musume attend Onsen Musume Normal School, a combined elementary and junior/senior high school founded by Sukunahiko. The normal school is located in Odaiba, but as Onsen Musume are gods who can travel by warping between shrines, all Onsen Musume are based in their hometown hot-spring area. On their days off, they help out at local inns and tourist associations.

WORDS 2 スプリングス – SPRiNGS

草津 結衣奈、箱根 彩耶、秋保 那菜子、有馬 輪花、道後 泉海、登別 綾瀬、有馬 楓花、下呂 美月、奏・バーデン・由布院の9名からなる温泉むすめのアイドルグループの一つ。本作では、この9人グループを中心に物語が進んでいく。センターは草津 結衣奈、リーダーは道後 泉海。

One of the Onsen Musume idol groups, composed of nine members: Yuina Kusatsu, Saya Hakone, Nanako Akiu, Rinka Arima, Izumi Dougo, Ayase Noboribetsu, Fuuka Arima, Mitsuki Gero, and Yufuin Baden Kanade. The story for this single revolves around this 9-member group. The center member is Yuina Kusatsu, and the leader is Izumi Dougo.

WORDS 3 スクナヒコ – Sukunahiko


A god of the heavens with expert knowledge in a vast number of things - not only hot springs, but also grains, alcohol, and more. Said to be the model for Issun Boshi.
Encourages the Onsen Musume to tour in idol groups, in order to liven up run-down hot-spring areas and bring smiles and comfort to regional cities throughout Japan. Declares the opening of tournaments to decide the top Onsen Musume. Made a pledge to use the Uchide-no-Kozuchi, a magic hammer said to be able to grant anything the winner desires. Loves to party, and quite moody. Gender unknown.

WORDS 4 温泉むすめ師範学校 – Onsen Musume School

また、学校指定の袴があり、通学者は着用が義務付けられている。高等部の生徒会長はSPRiNGSのリーダーでもある道後 泉海が務めている。

An integrated elementary and junior/senior high school, established by Sukunahiko and exclusively for Onsen Musume, located in Odaiba, Tokyo. Besides the general subjects, there are also spirit realm studies, to learn about the onsen studies, to learn about hot springs.
The school has a designated hakama skirt, which all students are required to wear. The leader of SPRiNGS, Izumi Dougo, also serves as president of the senior high student council.

WORDS 5 温泉学 – Onsenology



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